Kevin Holladay

Kevin Holladay has been writing, directing, and booking hilarious and strange shows for fearless performers for decades, allowing boundaries to be broken in every imaginable way, and a great deal of fun to be had by all.

Creative Administration
Founder/Artistic Director, Schedule C Productions.  2010-present.
Board of Directors.  Bloomington Playwright’s Project.  1989-1993.
Production Coordinator.  Black Box Theater.  1988-1994.
Co-Founder.  BORGNINE performance art team.  LAUGH IT UP improv troupe.  1992-1995.

Arts Grant Awards
Bardstown Foundation Playwriting Grant.  2006-2007.
Bloomington Area Arts Council.  2003-2006.
Bloomington Community Arts Commission.  2004.
Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant.  2003-2004.
Shakespeare in Indiana.  Coalition of Essential Schools.  2003.
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra School Partnership Program.  2002-2003
Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant.  2001-2002.

Original works written and produced for adults
Where is My Mind? Cincy, Indy, and Chicago Fringe Festivals, 2012.
Puppets Should Speak.  Indy Fringe Festival, 2010.
Monkey Boy Saves the Planet.  Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland.  2007.
Terminal of Terror.  Third Street Festival, Bloomington, IN.  1997.
Tool and Die.  One act.  Black Box Theater.  1991.
Bananaland.  Bailiwick Director’s Festival, Chicago, 1995.
Continuum.  Orlando Theatre Festival.  1989.
Letting the Water Hold Me Down.  Black Box Theater.  1989.
Threads of Gold Cut So Softly.  An evening of one acts.  Black Box Theater.  1988.
Restless.  Village Arts Fair, NY.  1988.
C/2.  Indiana University T300 Studio.  1987.

Original works written, directed, and produced for young actors
Musical: the Musical.  John Waldron Art Center.  2006.
Shakespeare in Indiana.  Binford Elementary School.  2003.
Mixed Up Monsters.  Third Street Park.  1998.
Backstage with the Storybook Stars.  Cascades Park.  1997.
Mayhem in the Mansion.  Cascades Park. 1996
Magical Maze of Mystery.  Cascades Park. 1995
Enchanted Forest.  Cascades Park.  1994
It Came from Washington. John Waldron Art Center.  1992.